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West Game – Learn the Basics to Get an Advanced Gamer with Ease

A smartphone game that is based around action and strategy offers the best fun in the leisure time, that’s why you can rely on them. West Game, a multiplatform game, from LEXIANG CO., LIMITED has millions of downloads from the date of launch. You need to create an army, battle using the same, and play quests to keep on earning a good amount of gold in the game.

In case you are facing a hard time progressing in this game, then you need to look after the easy method of earning basic resources like farms, hospitals, and a few more stuff to take care of your clan. Apart from it, there are plenty of other things which require the focus. Well, you can follow the below-mentioned tips and go well with ease. 

  • Focus on Buildings

When you are done building lots of stuff, then you need to focus on each individual building to progress at a faster rate and become a better gamer. It starts by focusing on basic resources like farms, cabins, hospitals, and a few more things. After keep on obtaining all the stuff, you need to upgrade each one. Focus on one stuff and upgrade it. When you follow this rule, you make slow progress, but it is an effective option, and you won’t end up wasting gold. When upgrading the building, make a priority list in your mind and following the same to avoid wasting time on rest stuff.

  • Create An Alliance

Plenty of alliances are available in this game, and you can join any of them with ease. The best part is, when you join an alliance, you obtain plenty of additional tweaks that can enhance your overall progression. You can create a very powerful town by using such methods, and it is effective in obtaining free Gold. Even if your alliance makes progress, your level is also going to enhance with the time. That’s why you can try it out without any issue. In case you can’t find a powerful alliance, you can create your own with friends and become a better gamer with ease.

  • Speed Ups When Required

You can find speedups to get the upgrade work done quickly. It is available for free at the beginning; that’s why you can rely on it. As you a newbie, you still have plenty of resources to obtain, and when you keep on doing the same, you will be able to progress quite effectively. It is a free option, that’s why you can rely on it and go well with ease. When the upgrade takes more than an hour, then you should use the same feature. If it cost you gold and you can wait, then avoid spending a single buck on the same. 

The Final Verdict

After considering the above mentioned easy to follow tips, you can become an advanced gamer with ease. Along with these factors, you can look after the alternative options to progress faster and become a better gamer.